Half an Acre of Ribbon

Time always stands in the sink like that
I see you ready to get going with the microphone
but I am still having breakfast
in this Puritanical region

Why not get contagious with me?
I want to get in the wallflower zone
passed over by a flying “V” formation

Lenticular grabbing on with some fried clams
Backwater this whole time
making a meal plan appear gigantic

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Lawless Encounter

They didn’t tell me how the hills
are so easy on the eyes
A cerulean batting cage
or some sort of leftovers

Last couch on the Mercury section
I am purchasing it just before the eclipse
the planets doing laps about me
lazier than a tree branch in the fog

You notice me sitting still
pouring over a blank ridge
we speak about a collapsibe windmill
and the tarnished voice we sometimes hear

The windowlocks are plainly worn out
the future is here at the guardrail
a pattern of voices not unlike our own
a wild nest of all of us
storming at the gate

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Amber and Roosevelt

Same as the most efficient crumb zone
on pace to redeem a circuit breaker
I pinched a bird in the roll away
and twisted a past due leafy green

It’s the way you look at me
that makes me think of ladders
what a repertoire when the lens gets shuffled
off and on a steamship for some macaroni

You and I are like day lillies
astronomical too if you think about it
nothing will ever come between us
not even the layer cake or the lesson plans

It was the right place at the right time
the way you sealed the mission with a glance
I know there were these special circumstances
still it seemed so effortless

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Vanderbilt Runway

All the ways a loose-fitting sentience
	becomes a rhapsody in blue jeans
I am traipsing to the ends of the earth
	hoping for a tomato plant on stilts

Call me like a mother and instead of a brushstroke
	the evaluators mix together a moongrove
I am basically the salt on the wicked stream
	and a purchase that removes the sedentary
Clamoring on like a beach ball
	and don't mind this particular pair of shoes
Nightingale and an ox listed side-by-side
You with a curlicue perfectly gelled

I want to establish what we've all been looking for
	the core that emanates everything we've read
	what a beautiful bill of sale

I will tell you I love a good power wash
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Sight Unseen

Scent of pine and a random obelisk
time to ask repeat questions
of a source beyond the grocery
my counterparts will be my own aged memory
and a decent arrangement of snacks

I am hoping to see the world
as it originally is
before my layers get pasted on

But I still have a schedule
and these questions unformulated
may simply have to rest in my bones

At least I know something gentle follows me
coaxes me along

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Pillow Talk on Demarcations

Same as a mosaic giving birth
a motivational speech is given in cubic zirconium
and a clubhouse gets paid in lightningrods
as a tissue of tin is stretched just a little too far

You and I waltz on an outdoor patio
the fourth estate is glistening in the moonlight
a beast causes all these plagiarized sentiments
but the Indiana Jones moment still exists, somewhere

We are cheerful in an ordinary way
told off a pipsqueak who threatened nothing
everyone at the cusp of the world swinging
I’d like to farm a whole celestial range
but the birds and the trees and the estuaries

We are just whole enough, aren’t we?
Didn’t we capsize just in time,
to be submerged in the eternal question?

Clearly the light is filtering
I am sure there is all this activity in the soil
all sorts of reconstruction

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Birkenstock Eels

Apples in a barnyard guesthouse
playing “Guess Who” by lantern light
there was a large attempt
to mirror a standing ovation
but it all ended in a glitter wagon

Poke me when the eye doctor subscribes
to a New England Tradition
Let me stampede in my own way
an elastic migrating westward

I’m sure that vision of a clavicle
was as pure as a steeple
marking the brick wall here and there
mostly when the sun rises and
where the trees get in the way

Instead of a hand me down maybe
something just created
and marketed perfectly afterward

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