Pillow Talk on Demarcations

Same as a mosaic giving birth
a motivational speech is given in cubic zirconium
and a clubhouse gets paid in lightningrods
as a tissue of tin is stretched just a little too far

You and I waltz on an outdoor patio
the fourth estate is glistening in the moonlight
a beast causes all these plagiarized sentiments
but the Indiana Jones moment still exists, somewhere

We are cheerful in an ordinary way
told off a pipsqueak who threatened nothing
everyone at the cusp of the world swinging
I’d like to farm a whole celestial range
but the birds and the trees and the estuaries

We are just whole enough, aren’t we?
Didn’t we capsize just in time,
to be submerged in the eternal question?

Clearly the light is filtering
I am sure there is all this activity in the soil
all sorts of reconstruction

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