Instead of a Landing

      Internally I’ve unfurled an oriental rug
same space as yesterday just a little cleaner
		there’s miles to go
	before they put me on the spot
so I’m thinking you and I could harness a solar array
	and pick out a name that sounds good
		one that will leave a lasting impression
	like footprints above a windowsill

	I’ll try to directly address
		the service provider
		using only moderate language

	Everything is still intact as far as I’m concerned
only a rose was ground into dust and the hair
					fluffed up a little bit

			Spice on the road
	just as a flame gets embroidered
		this particular interest
is being savored in the utmost
			like a wild math test

You’ve got to tell me right now
where you’d like to be stationed
	as we endure this tangled weave
		not offstage I hope, without any accounting
but someplace that remains pleasurable

You can put me on a wing
		I’ll be my own custodian
		I'll interpret the might-or-measure diagrams
		there will be a crinkle in the forehead
and a base camp that serves fresh baked goods

	Cashmere all the way down the coast
		but I’m not whistling yet
		Still ticklish after all these years
		I’ve spackled the wall and applied a fresh coat of paint
	notwithstanding the punctured dirigible
	I can tell you everything you want to hear
		but when a goat gets bartered
	that's really something else

		Call me in a rainforest
	on my cell phone
	it will be hot
	and I will be thinking
	of how lovely
	you always look
			a repeating pattern
seen from orbit but still whispered
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