A Pasted Ferrari

All the ways when you pause are great sounding
as I split a ruby in half you look for something meticulous
how to spackle on a bit of the drawstring sun
soon to be metered like a wasteland
I’m sparing you the fife-on-ice, you tell me a dirigible then
It is all half a spade when you sip wild-eyed like that
But a briefcase is spotted by the well
and a peculiar orange hat

Who will mistake the gloved hand besides my uncle?
I am way past the reed forsythe, but am landing nontheless
There is a peculiar waitlist about an income-based porridge
it is stainless and not recommended
particularly the peon-glazed enamel
You handed me a bunch of cords yesterday
said I was lucky which I didn’t dispute

In a land plugged with lamp-posts I am surely obscene
There are no worthwhile characteristics to be had
so it’s best to place your hands on the everlasting
Duck crossing down the road so it’s best to slow down
An ostrich pops up and swings its neck
Larry the Cucumber with a message from the Pleistocene
Call me once you’re playing Blackjack

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