Jackhammer Resting On a Tassled Cushion

Imagine a wait list full of berries, berries that look like stars. Lost in the miraculous timezone. Appropriating a hope in the shape of a trumpet. Holding hands with a farmer. Pants with an elastic waistband. Clothing is never neutral. Try on a body cast. Try laying in lake. Try spitting spitballs. Try to wear a helmet correctly.

Laugh at counting numbers on your fingers. A slick road can be re-paved at any time. A lotus in the form of a crushed slipper. Legs in the dark. Laughing while pulling music from the seams. Click softly to turn it up. Click another one for the temperature. Long days sifted overhead like soot. Blackberries crushed in the hand. An apostle laying a flat stone. A gift from God that turns out to be a pet.

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