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Bruxton Man

Down at the Bruxton Line
a pituitary man got lenticular
At times he would be like “aight boi”
popping up in the Everglades
other times a swan in orbit
hacking out a dewdrop

He was a notary in Bruxton Town
married to a cliffhanger
backing out of his driveway
he popped a double wheelie
now all the kids dab
and the penny loafers get paid leave

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Fast-forward to a meteoric crunch
slightly louder than a potato chip
Ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby
that’s what they sang into my wallet
Not going to open that whole can
Instead let’s run past the ostrich
make a wheel out of the next 40 years,
a barbecue in the land of milk and honey

Although not nearly enough shades in the sky
still we got off the canoe,
found a nice dry spot

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Safe Passage for a Bone Man

safe passage 02

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Million Mile Ladder

More or less swept away
a caricature of myself
pinned against the endless void

You gave me the freedom
to uncover myself
and all these natural laws

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Might as Well Re-Converge

A hurricane gets lodged in half of me
the other half is washing the dishes
You are patching up a small ocean
I tell you that it’s delicious
Let’s get caught in the wind together
afterward we’ll make a new circuit

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Juniper Hollow

In the market a capful of gods
noticing me all at once
a piece of the earth gets tacked away
as a farmhand takes a well-deserved rest

The sight of the boat on the River Styx
is unsettling from a drive-thru

finally jagged singing in the distance

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